Why Slumber Party?

Slumber Party exists for one reason and one reason only, to show you a great time. This is the trip of a lifetime. One that you’ve invested your energy and money in. We want to do our part to make sure that investment pays off.

Beyond our amazing parties we also have an unwavering commitment to having a positive impact on the communities we call home through our various activities such as our Tsunami relief fund, weekly beach cleans and our Slumber Party Scholarships, that we award each year to underprivileged children, all of which are both directly funded through our hostels and donations.

Slumber Family


See when staying at Slumber Party you are not only going to have a kickass time, but you will be doing something good for the community around you. Our staff develops relationships with every guest who walks through our doors. We keep in touch, and are thrilled to see how many people stick with Slumber Party as they explore Thailand.

Come be a part of our story and help us “change the world one party at a time”. Or just drink as much as your liver can handle. Both are fine by us.


At Slumber Party, we care about the things you care about and we take hostel safety very seriously. We run 24/7 CCTV cameras throughout the premises, have lockers in every dorm room, and have extra storage facilities for anything extra valuable. Slumber Party is proud to have a 24 hour reception for guests arriving late, leaving early, and just in case you need anything out of hours.