Backpacking and traveling can be some of the most transformative and exhilarating experiences in life. Exploring new cultures, trying new foods, and seeing breathtaking sights can create lasting memories and inspire personal growth. While these experiences can be fulfilling on their own, adding a romantic component to your travels can make them even more rewarding. […]

Best Hikes in Chiang Mai

Best Hikes in Chiang Mai At Slumber Party we do love to party, but we also love to have some adventure in our lives too! What better way to have an adventure when you’re in Chiang Mai than taking a hike! Check out our guide below on the Best Hikes In Chiang Mai…. Doi Luang […]

Things To Do In Pai

My my Miss Thailand Pai. Not quite the lyrics but works! If you’ve not had the chance to visit Pai you really must! Pai is full of amazing scenery thanks to its mountains and waterfalls, so it’s a must visit if you love to cruise around on your scooter! Check out our little guide on […]

Why Siargao in the Philippines is More Than Just Surfing

A teardrop shaped island located in the South East of the Philippines, this is the surfing capital of the Philippines and home to the legendary Cloud 9 surfing spot but what else can you do if you don’t surf? Visit Cloud 9 Ok ok you may not surf but you still need to visit this […]

Top 5 Beaches in Canggu, Bali [updated january 2021]


[UPDATED JANUARY 2021] Top Canggu beaches! We all love a good beach don’t we. Wherever you go in the world and there’s a beach, life just turns a little bit extra joyful. Relaxing to the fullest in a sunbed with a cold coconut or any cold drink for that matter, while staring at the beautiful […]

Epic Day Trips from Canggu [UPDATED DECEMBER 2020]

EPIC DAY TRIPS FROM CANGGU [UPDATED DECEMBER 2020] [UPDATED DECEMBER 2020] Whether you are visiting or living within the charming region of Canggu, eventually you are going to want to explore more of the beautiful island of Bali. This island is rich in culture, history, and nature. Temples, beaches, and conservation centers are just the […]

Festivals: Thailand and a few from Around The Globe

With the start of the vegetarian festival here in Thailand, we wanted to put together a guide for the best festivals in Thailand as well as some others from around the globe. Festivals are a great way to experience local culture (no eating toasties and drinking Leo doesn’t count), so check out our guide below […]

Koh Phangan – More Than Just A Party Island

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we say Koh Phangan? Let me guess…….The Full Moon Party Whilst Koh Phangan certainly is most famous for hosting the epic Full Moon Party each month – and Slumber Party are certainly famous for being the BEST PLACE to pre-party during the week – there is […]

Quitting The Standard 9 to 5

Nowadays we’re all programmed to do the same thing; Go to school Get a degree/qualification Get a job Boring right? Yeah we agree, at Slumber Party we’re always looking for more. More adventure, more life, more experiences, and of course, more partying!  The only way you can get more from life is by choosing a […]

Off the Beaten Path in Phuket

Off the Beaten Path in Phuket When many dream of visiting Phuket, it is all about the beaches and parties. While partying the night away after a long day at the beach may be the vacation that you are looking for; eventually, you will want something with a little more substance. This delightful town is […]