Cheap Eats in Bangkok [UPDATED DECEMBER 2020]

One of the most glorious parts about visiting Bangkok is amazingly cheap and delicious food! If you are on a budget, no problem! If you are craving western-style food like burgers, pizza, or spaghetti, then you are going to be paying much higher prices. However, if you eat like a native it is cheap cheap […]

Top Instagrammable Spots In Bangkok

They say travel broadens the mind but it also broadens your Instagram feed! Life is all about living in the moment but who says you can’t take some awesome photos at the same time. It gets a bad rap but Bangkok has some great spots to freshen up and improve your feed. If you’re lucky […]

Still In Thailand? Our Best Places To Visit Now!

With all our Slumber fam spread out across the world, this blog post goes out to those that are still in Thailand waiting out this madness!  Although times aren’t the best right now, there hasn’t been a better time to travel around Thailand for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, there is likely to be less […]

Street Art In Bangkok: A Guide To The City’s Coolest Murals

“Street art in Bangkok: A guide to the City’s Coolest Murals”The bustling city of Bangkok has its fair share of sites to see. It is a metropolitan to it’s core and a cultural melting pot which makes it a natural hot spot for some of the world’s best street art. Artists from all over the […]

The Best Wine Bars in Bangkok

When visiting the glamorous city of Bangkok, there are evenings when you just need to slip off those elephant pants and Leo T-shirts to slip into something glitzy for a night out at one of Bangkok’s poshest wine bars. Found that perfect outfit from today’s shopping spree at Platinum Mall of Chatuchak and can’t wait […]

How to Avoid Bangkok’s Tourist Traps

While there may be certain places on your dream backpacker route that you’ve seen on a blog or Instagram, it’s important to do a little research before you travel to make sure these picture-perfect destinations actually have some cultural merit that makes them worth visiting. This ensures you don’t arrive somewhere that looks amazing on […]

A Guide To Bangkok’s Maeklong Railway Market

While Bangkok is home to a whole host of markets selling everything from clothes and souvenirs to fish and fried goods, Maeklong Railway Market on the outskirts of Bangkok offers travellers something slightly different. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Maeklong Railway Market including how to get there and what […]

A Brief Rundown of Bangkok’s Red Light District

While most of us think of Amsterdam when we hear ‘Red Light District’. Thailand, and specifically Bangkok, has become one of the world’s biggest players when it comes to the sex trade. This arena has had more than its fair share of bad press, and while Thailand does not condone sex tourism in any way, […]

The Best Pad Thai in Bangkok

As you pick up that same old blend of Pad Thai from one of the stalls on Khao San Road, have you ever wondered if there was a better version somewhere else in Bangkok. If you are a big fan of Pad Thai, take it up to the next level by finding the best Pad […]

The Best Restaurants for Seafood In Bangkok

As capital cities go, Bangkok is relatively close to the sea and you can therefore make the most of delicious seafood even when staying in the heart of the bustling city centre. Whether it’s a fresh prawn Pad Thai on the side of the street or a sumptuous crab curry at one of the city’s […]