Best Places To Party In Cambodia

Best Places To Party In Cambodia At Slumber HQ we’ve realised that our recent blog posts, whilst really helpful, don’t seem very Slumber like. So for today’s post we’ve ditched the food advice, parked the hiking info and we’re back to what we love to do the most, party! So without further ado, here is […]

Life’s A Beach: Best Beaches In Cambodia

Life’s A Beach: Best Beaches In Cambodia They say that life’s a beach and we can certainly agree that it is, especially when you’re backpacking around South East Asia! This edition of Life’s A Beach focusses on the best beaches in Cambodia. Home to ancient ruins, you might not associate Cambodia with nice beaches, but […]

Top 5 Bars In Siem Reap

TOP 5 BARS IN SIEM REAP Did someone say lets get drunk, do stupid things with strangers and potentially miss our flight?? Well if not, we certainly did! Here’s our guide to the Top 5 Bars in Siem Reap will guarantee you a great night out! The Angkor What? Bar View this post on Instagram […]

Phare, The Cambodian Circus

*Disclaimer – No Animals Are Used In This Circus* Amidst all the partying and historic temples Cambodia is a wealth of beauty, history and surprise. Phrae, The Cambodian Circus certainly ticks all of those boxes! If you’re looking for something unique to do when the borders re-open, check out our guide below…. The History Phare […]