Best Hikes in Chiang Mai

Best Hikes in Chiang Mai At Slumber Party we do love to party, but we also love to have some adventure in our lives too! What better way to have an adventure when you’re in Chiang Mai than taking a hike! Check out our guide below on the Best Hikes In Chiang Mai…. Doi Luang […]

Best Tattoo Parlours: Chiang Mai

Welcome to the latest Best Tattoo Parlours edition, this time we’re looking at a few spots in Chiang Mai. Whether you’re looking for a drunken tattoo, an elephant tattoo to commemorate your stay in Thailand or the dream sleave you’ve always been looking for….we’ve got you covered. Panumart Tattoo View this post on Instagram A […]

Off the Beaten Path: CHIANG MAI

The borders have finally reopened and you have landed in the land of smiles and as many travellers do, up to Chiangmai you go. But what to do once you get there? You can, of course, do the standard stuff, Thapae Gate, Doi Su Thep, Night market etc. OR you could do the Top 6 […]

Still In Thailand? Our Best Places To Visit Now!

With all our Slumber fam spread out across the world, this blog post goes out to those that are still in Thailand waiting out this madness!  Although times aren’t the best right now, there hasn’t been a better time to travel around Thailand for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, there is likely to be less […]


Chiang Mai is a backpackers’ dream with a great mix of Thai culture, fun accommodation, cheap food and nightlife and decent WiFi. However, despite being well-and-truly on the tourist trail the public transport options still leave a little to be desired. Chiang Mai doesn’t benefit from the bus and metro system of Bangkok and therefore […]


The best cooking schools in Chiang Mai will give you the best souvenir to take home – A taste of Thailand. With all the cooking schools available in Chiang Mai, you need to choose carefully to find a memorable experience. We have listed the best of the best for you, just to save you from […]

5 Breakfast Spots in Chiang Mai that are Worth the Early Rise

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And, more often than not, the most delicious too! Chiang Mai is one of the foodie hotspots of Thailand and is well known for its high-quality ingredients and healthy eating vibe. With so many incredible places to find a good breakfast in Chiang Mai, has there […]

Under Canvas, Amongst the Trees: Camping at Doi Inthanon National Park

Get Back to Nature: Camping at Doi Inthanon National Park Camping in a foreign land, especially camping at Doi Inthanon National Park, is a wonderfully peaceful and relaxing experience. Give yourself at least one night, two or more if you want to get really into nature and enjoy it in its fullest. Only a couple […]

Below the Heavens: The Best Temples in Chiang Mai

The 4 Best Temples in Chiang Mai An ancient city filled with history and art, the temples in Chiang Mai are some of the best in Thailand. Chiang Mai is often called the ‘City of Temples’, and with good reason. The packed city streets are studded with small oases of calm, a world of gleaming […]

Exploring the North: Camping in Doi Inthanon National Park

Camping in Doi Inthanon, The Thai Bike Trip You Can’t Miss Out On With waterfalls, walking trails and incredible views, camping in Doi Inthanon has got something for everyone. Doi Inthanon National Park is a wonderland of lush forests, roaring waterfalls and cloud-topped mountain peaks. Only a 2 hour drive from Chiang Mai, it’s easily […]