How to Travel from Bali to Lombok and Back [Updated January 2021]

UPDATED JANUARY 2021 You are about to embark on a trip to Indonesia or maybe you are already there! Indonesia is a beautiful country and it is worth trying to see as much as possible. You have just decided that you want to visit Lombok, but what’s the best way to get from Bali to […]

Survival guide for Kuta Lombok (Do’s and Dont’s)

Kuta Lombok is an amazing place and a must see if you are travelling South-east Asia! From beautiful beaches to beginner, intermediate and advanced surf spots – Lombok has it all. You can enjoy incredible scenery, chow down on delicous food and still go out to party. If you are tired of the Bali crowds […]

The solo female guide to Bali and lombok

It’s no secret that Bali is a hot travel destination, however neighboring island Lombok is also gaining some serious traction. Both islands are beautiful and unique in their own way and are a must see if you’re looking for culture, adventure, and beautiful views! If you’re like me and love to challenge yourself by traveling […]

The Ultimate Guide to Driving A Scooter In Lombok

The island of Lombok is a fascinating and stunning spot in the Indonesian archipelago that features everything you need for an awesome vacation. With beautiful beaches, epic volcanoes, remote villages and spectacular surf spots, Lombok will leave you with memories of a lifetime that you won’t be able to wait to share with family and […]

A Guide to Trekking Mount Rinjani In Lombok

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors and are planning a trip to Indonesia, it’s probably likely that hiking Mount Rinjani is high on your bucket list of things to do. This mammoth volcano in the north of Lombok stands at an elevation of 3,726m above sea level and affords both spectacular views of […]

The Best Things To Do For Free In Lombok

The natural beauty of Lombok is one of its highlights and as such many of the fun things you can do in Lombok are totally free (or will maybe just set you back the cost of transportation). Exploring beaches, walking to waterfalls and discovering small villages and communities can definitely all be done on a […]

How to Get Off the Beaten Track in Lombok

Lombok itself definitely has a more off-the-beaten-path vibe than some of the more popular Indonesian islands like Bali and Gili T. However, as more and more people visit and the infrastructure improves, travellers will have to continue to seek out more remote spots around the island to truly enjoy Lombok at its best. Here I’ll […]

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Lombok

As an island, you’d expect Lombok in Indonesia to have some pretty good beaches, and thankfully, it really lives up to expectation. From pink-hued bays to epic surf spots, you’re sure to find a beach that takes your fancy. Plus, Lombok Island hasn’t quite reached the same tourism numbers as Bali (Yet! Shhh, don’t tell […]

The Top Ten Things to Do in Lombok

With the tranquility and beauty of Lombok, it is slowly gaining popularity among tourists looking for a quieter version on Bali. Here, the usual tours lead to the Gili Islands but there is more to the island. These are ten things to do in Lombok once you have finished touring the Gili Islands. 1.) Watch […]

How to Travel from Bali to Lombok

Once you hear of the beautiful island of Lombok, Bali’s quieter sister, you are bound to find ways to get to this island as a means of escaping the touristy atmosphere of Bali. Here are some tips on how to get from Bali to Lombok. BY AIR This is possibly the quickest and most convenient […]