Cheap Eats Phuket

Since Phuket is a popular vacation destination, there are a fair share of tourist traps where food costs more than it should while lacking quality. After shelling out a ton of money on subpar food you might find yourself saying “there must be another way!”. Well you’re in luck because in this article I will […]

Know Your Money: Understanding The Indonesian Rupiah

One of the culture shocks that you may encounter when you get to Indonesia is the money. It is quite common to feel shocked by the prices which are all displayed in thousands. It might be helpful to know that a Rupiah, the Indonesian currency, is about 0.000071USD. Looking back to your lessons on decimal […]


The majority of Patong’s attractions (mostly nightlife, shopping, and beaches) can be accessed on foot, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to use local transport much if you’re staying in the main town. However, if you want to get a bit further off the beaten path you may want to hire a moped or car or […]

Sustainable Travel in Thailand: Why Should You Care?

Trouble in Paradise: How to Achieve Sustainable Travel in Thailand Thailand needs your help. Rapid development and tourism is piling on the pressure and we all have a part to play in promoting sustainable travel in Thailand. Think of Thailand and you probably think of paradise. Pristine jungle, crystal-clear waterfalls and gorgeous sunsets on white […]

Never Want to Leave? Thai Visa Application Guide

The Quick and Dirty Thai Visa Application Guide If you’re visiting Thailand as a tourist, you have a handful of visa options. The main differences are how long they allow you to stay and where you apply for the visa. Depending on where you’re from, you may not even need a visa to visit the […]

Thailand Bike Rental: 5 Tips from the Slumber Party Crew

Thailand Motorcycle Rental Made Simple The idea of renting a motorbike in Thailand can be overwhelming and scary for some people. The process is actually rather simple! It’s important to pay attention to a few important details when renting a motorbike. Trust us when we say that Thailand bike rental will be easy as pie […]

Pack for Thailand: 7 Secret Things No One Told You To Bring

The Thailand Packing List You Never Knew You Needed There are over 1.7 million results on Google for “Thailand packing list”. You know everyone wants to tell you exactly what you need when you come to Thailand. Today we’re going to go over seven things most people leave out! Secret Thailand Packing List Item #1: […]

How to Save Money in Bangkok: Frugal Tourism

Learn how to save money in Bangkok with our guide to food, shopping and drinks.

Learn how to save money in Bangkok because it can be expensive. If you ask any backpacker what they love most about travelling southeast asia, they’ll tell you it’s how cheap it is. That’s especially true for Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok. But when we first got there, our wallets always felt empty in the […]

How To Deal With The Most Infamous Scams in Thailand

Learn about infamous scams in Thailand so you can stay safe in your travels.

Thailand has the charming title of being the “Land of a Thousand Smiles“. In general Thais are friendly, kind and welcoming people, and they love to share their vast cultural history with us. Although that still doesn’t mean that all of them are holy saints. For some it is tempting to take advantage of the […]