Bringing Thailand’s Coral Reefs Back to Life: A Shockingly Good Idea

Shock Therapy: Bringing Thailand’s Coral Reefs Back to Life Around the whole world coral reefs are facing disaster. As of 2017, Forbes described The Great Barrier Reef as being in the ‘terminal’ stages of its life. This is all from a direct result of the planet’s rising temperatures. Thailand’s coral reefs are no different, at […]

Staying on Trend: The Realistic Fish-Flop Thai Market Craze

There’s Something Fishy About This: The Realistic Fish-Flop Thai Market Craze. Thailand loves to try new fashion crazes. Some work, some don’t. Beer label vests and t-shirts, elephant pants and “cheap” Ray Ban sunglasses will be around forever. Will this latest craze for fish-flops join the list? Thai markets make their money from jumping onto […]

Chatuchak Market Going Cashless in June: The End of an Era?

Will going cashless strip Chatuchak Market of its soul? Bangkok as we know it has been changing in recent time. Last year, street food vendors of Bangkok lost its footing. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) made a controversial change in policy to eliminate street food vendors completely. Luckily, we didn’t see a full roll-out and […]

Attention travel writers: Slumber Party is now accepting guest bloggers!

Get your travel stories featured on the Slumber Party Hostels blog. While we’ve had a blast writing in-depth guides on traveling Thailand, we’d also love to be able to show off some of your epic adventures! Guest bloggers will be able to have their travel stories published on our blog, Medium publication and exposed to […]

Thailand Wallpapers (Desktop and Mobile) by Slumber Party Hostels

Thailand Wallpapers by Slumber Party Hostels Keep your eyes on the prize with our HD Thailand wallpapers. If you’re currently on your southeast Asia backpacking trip, it’s a great way to live in the moment. For those that are already back home, then use it as a motivator! It’s been a long-standing tradition to visualize […]

Slumber Party Joins Forces with LEO

Thailand’s best have officially joined forces! Slumber Party Hostels is proud to be powered by LEO. The partnership is a huge step forward for Slumber Party and will allow us to party even harder than we already do. And in case you didn’t have enough reasons to visit Slumber Party already! We’re now going to […]

Thailand: Year of Mourning

“What’s going on in Thailand right now?” Nearly every guest who’s walked through our doors has asked us this. For anyone who’s not Thai, October has been a confusing month. The Full Moon Party was cancelled. Clubs are playing quieter music. Many locals are dressed in all black, and some are even publicly mourning. To […]