The Top Ten Things to Do in Lombok

With the tranquility and beauty of Lombok, it is slowly gaining popularity among tourists looking for a quieter version on Bali. Here, the usual tours lead to the Gili Islands but there is more to the island. These are ten things to do in Lombok once you have finished touring the Gili Islands.

1.) Watch the sunrise from the peak of Mount Rijani

Being the second highest volcano in Indonesia, trekking to the peak of Mount Rinjani should be on your to-do list while in Lombok. As it is around 3,726 metres above sea level, conquering this giant will need a few days. It may sound like a lot of time, effort, and money, but it will be an unforgettable trek with panoramic views of the crater lake and the horizon beyond.

2.) Chase waterfalls

The hills of Lombok are filled with waterfalls. Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile, the fairest cascades of them all, can be found in the village of Senaru in Northern Lombok, around 2.5 hours from Mataram, the capital of the West Nusa Tenggara Province.

3.) Learn how to surf on Selong Belanak Beach

One of the best beaches in Lombok, Selong Belanak has a soft powdery sand that extends to the bottom of the sea. Having soft sand to land on makes it is a safe place to learn how to pop up and balance. After you are done with your board, you can chill on the beach and grab a coconut from one of the stalls.

4.) Tour the Sekotong Islands

Although they are not yet as popular as the Gili islands, the Sekotong Island chain has white sand beaches and colourful coral reefs waiting to be discovered. Better see it for yourself before it gains popularity and gets swamped by tourists.

5.) Go for a yoga class at Ashtara Kuta

A cafe with a great view, delicious food, and amazing brews, you already have three reasons to make this your fave chill spot in Lombok. As a bonus, they also offer yoga classes on their patio, where you will be surrounded by the beautiful view of the mountains and verdant forests around it.

6.) Soak in the AiK Kalak Hot Springs

Usually part of the Rinjani Hike, the Aik Kalak Hot Springs are located just 200 metres from the Lake Segara Anak camp site. With its medicinal properties, a post climb soak here will be a sweet ending to your long trek to the top of Mount Rinjani.

7.) Go for a Sasaknese Massage

Practically unheard of compared to the Balinese Massage, the Sasaknese Massage is a bit of tough love given to your pressure points. Although it can be rather painful at first, the release after will send you to heaven.

8.) Join a pottery class

Known for its bright and colourful clay pottery, a visit to Lombok is not complete without seeing how they are made. Head to the oldest pottery village, Penujak, for a quick pottery course and demonstration.

9.) Get traditionally woven textiles from Sukarare Village

Also known for the production of beautiful textiles, you will find several weaving workshops at Sukarare Village in the south of Lombok. Here, you can also buy some some exquisitely embroidered, handwoven textiles fresh off the loom.

10.) Hang out with the monkeys

Take your scooter out for a drive through winding roads and visit these furry creatures at the Pusuk Monkey Forest. Catch some stunning views of the coast as you make your way past these conniving creatures who will do everything they can to get the contents of your backpacks.


Let your fellow travelers know about your best Lombok experience by commenting below.

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