Why Siargao in the Philippines is More Than Just Surfing

A teardrop shaped island located in the South East of the Philippines, this is the surfing capital of the Philippines and home to the legendary Cloud 9 surfing spot but what else can you do if you don’t surf?

Visit Cloud 9

Ok ok you may not surf but you still need to visit this place regardless and watch the locals catch some waves from the viewing tower. But pay attention when walking along the walkway as the locals run along it with their board so they can get to the waves quicker.

Day Trip to Sugba Lagoon

Thanks to We Moved Abroad For This Awesome Shot!

Taking a day trip to Sugba Lagoon should be on everyone’s must do list when in Siarago. Sugba Lagoon is a beautiful blue lagoon situated on Caob Island, you can get here via boat from General Luna or from Del Carmen both of which will take between 1-1.30 hours. Trust us it’s worth the wait!

When you arrive you’ll be greeted with clear blue water which you can swim, dive and kayak in. There’s even a boat house where you can relax, tan up and grab some lunch. Don’t miss out on this incredible adventure!

Rent a Tuk Tuk 

Bored of riding scooters everywhere and getting wet when it rains? Then why not rent an actual tuk tuk you can drive yourself!!! From personal experience this is the best way to get around the island with a couple friends without a care in the world just make sure you fill up with fuel before leaving the main town as there’s only 2 fill up stations on the island. Also get ready for every tourist you park next too asking where you got the tuk tuk and if they can give it a go.


Only a 45 minute scooter journey from General Luna, Magpupungko is cool natural rock formations and rock pools. You have to get there during low tide to ensure you see it in all it’s beauty, so make sure you you time this just right! 


Food, one of our favourite things in the world, and Siargao is full of amazing restaurants. Ranging from authentic Italians to those crazy burger places that have burgers bigger than your head, you won’t be caught out with nowhere to eat good.

Heres a couple must tries

  • Kermit Surf Resort and Restaurant
  • Altrove Siargao
  • Keyun’s Burger
  • ReefCut Bar
  • Deli Street Siargao

So there is our short but sweet guide to Siargao, if you have any other suggestions let us know in the comments!

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